STUDY: 85% Say Internet is Positive

STUDY: 85% Say Internet is Positive

January 16, 2011 1:43 am 0 comments

Whether or not social media is beneficial to one’s social life is often contested. Marketers and techy types have heralded it as a revolution in communication, but others point to Internet addiction, sleep disorders, and privacy concerns as dangerous side effects of this new medium. It looks, however, as if folks are now mostly viewing social media in a positive light.

According a Pew Internet and American Life Project study, 85% of people polled agree with the statement “In 2020, when I look at the big picture and consider my personal friendships, marriage and other relationships, I see that the internet has mostly been a positive force on my social world. And this will only grow more true in the future.”  It seems that while there are certainly issues that have to be addressed as new technology changes the way we understand ourselves and how we relate, the benefits outweigh potential problems.

The study’s overview concludes by observing “that while our tools are changing quickly, basic human nature seems to adjust at a slower pace.” If that is true, it suggests a reason why fear of new media still exist.

I’m interested in what you think. What are your concerns with the Internet today and the direction it’s headed. Is it a positive force in your life or does it disadvantage you?

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