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A Customer Service What Not to Do: 1-800-Flowers

A Customer Service What Not to Do: 1-800-Flowers

UPDATE: A Facebook representative from 1800Flowers contacted me after I published this blog post offering to send the flowers free of charge. I was skeptical, but they did, in fact, send the flowers along with a box of chocolates. That is a great resolution to this fiasco – if only it didn’t take days of fighting through several channels to get it done!

A week ago, I was on YouTube and a prominent YouTuber mentioned a 1-800-Flowers promotion that helped put a little money in his pocket while simultaneously saving consumers a few bucks as well. I needed to get something for my mom for Mother’s Day, so I took advantage of the deal. I ordered a simple arrangement, paid, and got a confirmation. Like most people ordering from a recognizable brand, I thought that was that.

I met my mom Sunday night for dinner and she hadn’t received anything. It made me look bad, but I thought surely the flowers would arrive the next day. When they didn’t, I felt terrible. I called 1-800-Flowers (whose number wasn’t hard to find) fully expecting them to understand the increased inconvenience their oversight had caused with this purchase being a gift for a major holiday. Well, they didn’t.

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