Things Worth Doing in Seattle, WA

Things Worth Doing in Seattle, WA

February 18, 2013 11:33 am 1 comment

Two friends in the past couple weeks have mentioned casually that they are taking trips out to Seattle. It being one of my favorite cities, I volunteered to dump my opinions on them, perhaps ruining the adventure a bit, but passing on the information was a way of reliving some awesome trips for me. And then I realized, I have a blog for things like this. So, alas, here are some things I enjoyed doing/seeing in Seattle that you might too:

Here are a few things I did in Seattle that I really enjoyed:

  • Obviously the Pike Place Market is one of the first stops you should make. If you stay downtown, you can walk there. There are a few restaurants on that same road and a couple even attached to the market. There is a downstairs too under the big Pike Place sign that leads to a cool restaurant/brewery. Also nearby is the first Starbucks store. Here’s a pic.
  • Go up to the Queen Anne neighborhood and walk around. It’s an affluent neighborhood with gorgeous houses, and there is a park that has an amazing view of the city and the water. This is a must do. Here’s a pic.
  • Take a drive up to the University of Washington. The campus is pretty and the area around the campus is pretty cool. There are 2 bays by campus, so if it’s pretty you can get out to one of the parks. Montlake Park is neat – lots of sailboats and kayakers. Since you’re looking to move out there, I’d look at this area as a cheaper alternative to living downtown. Here’s a pic.
  • Capitol Hill is another neighborhood worth a visit.  I can’t remember the main road through the neighborhood (I want to say it is Broadway), but park at one end (hint: if you go off of that road a couple blocks into the residential area, you can park free) and walk down the road. There are lots of cool shops, bars, bookstores, etc. Side note: There is a burger joint (can’t remember the name) that you have to walk up to and looks like a total shit hole. Burgers are like $2 and surprisingly good. AND all of the employees get 100% covered medical. It blew my mind to think how someone selling $2 burgers can pay for healthcare for all employees. If I were moving to Seattle, this is where I’d want to live. It’s sorta the Inman Park of Seattle.
  • The Waterfront is another given, but it is touristy. Here’s a pic.
  • Drive out to Mt. Rainier. It will take a full day to get there, up the mountain, and back, but do it. Even if it is covered in snow and there is nothing to do but look. You won’t regret it. My first time to Seattle was on a business trip, and I stayed an extra day just to do that. It is gorgeous. Also, when you fly in and out of Seattle you should be able to see Mt. Rainier out of the side of the plane, so be looking for it. Cool view of the mountain top sticking out above the clouds. Here’s a pic. And another.
  • If you get a chance, take a ferry ride out to one of the islands in Pugent Sound. Not only are the islands cool, but you are likely to see a whale on the way. Here’s a pic.
  • If you have a lot of time, Vancouver BC is only like 2-3 hours north and TOTALLY work the drive. Leave at 7am for a drive up, spend the day, and drive back. If you do that, tell me and I’ll send you some cool neighborhoods to check out. Here’s a gallery.


I’ve stayed in 3 hotels in Seattle in 3 different areas – downtown, the waterfront, and by the lake.

By far, the Roosevelt was the most convenient. The lake area will be cheaper, but there isn’t much up there. You’ll have to drive or take the train to get anywhere. If you stay around 7th downtown you’ll be able to walk to a lot of places.

The Roosevelt isn’t the nicest hotel in the world, but there was nothing to complain about. And the restaurant attached to it is decent pub style food.

Two links to photo galleries from two different Seattle trips.

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  • Thank you the review. You’ve mentioned some really great ideas for things to do in Seattle! Great list of accommodations as well. Just outside of Seattle, you should visit some of the fabulous hotels Lynnwood WA has to offer.

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